Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 5: Electrical Measurements

Good morning Joburg! Friday and looking and feeling frazzled, last day of the week so bring it on!

Thank god its Friday. Don't know how much more of this pace a person can handle. Today was on Electrical measurements hence this picture which was taken out of the Halliday text book of a bee full of pollen. The pollen jumps onto the bee then away again, this has to do with electric fields would you believe!

Prof Lekale took us today, really nice and helpful. Our equipment was quite faulty so we didn't get to do the 2 parts of the experment ( one with resistor and one with a diode) to investigate ohmic and non ohmic behaviour. Cool experiment , I enjoyed doing the report , maybe because I wasn't so pressured for time. Also its only when you have to write the report you have to really understand the topic

Because we finished a bit early, me and some of the guys headed off to find the library, boasted as the 2nd biggest in the whole of Africa. Through a shortcut route is an area where they shred tons and tons of paper from tutorials etc and send it away on a recylcing truck

From the bottom floor of the library, 5 floors above full to the brim of books.

Carlson is a teacher ( there are quite a few at this course), we walked around aimlessly for a bit looking for the science section straight away. eventually we figured out the system

Here's mike checking out books on galaxies and black holes. He's also portuguese and a pilot who flies to some intersting places

There are So many books and some really old ones

This was on the back of a biology book and i had to take a pic as this monkey was so cute!

Ok thats its for this week, its been an awesome experience so far! Might do some edits on the weekend and lay this blog out better ( haven't touched the format). Off to do what one does when in Joburg...catch up with friends and family!

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