Friday, August 28, 2009

Visit to the observatory

UNISA by night, it was such a great evening

Thanks to Fanie we managed to get a guided tour of the observatory and a date with a 16" Celestron reflector telescope, courtesy of Prof Smuts who happily answered all our questions

Prof Smuts

the equipment, with Thebang awesomely capturing the pictures that follow through the viewfinder

Jupiter in all its glory with bonus moon in view, we actually suspected a 2nd moon as a speck over the actual diskAnd for the showstopper the moon itself. This was absolutely spectacular to see so close up

Happy people

What a great evening it was. Prof was awesome in describing so many things to us, we got to view some really ancient objects like the Omega Centauri globular cluster 12000 light years away !! We also got a good look at the Sombrero galaxythe oldest light that we got to see somet 50million light years away!!! It looks like a cigar because it was on its side , we also got to see some planetary nebula and the Jewel box and Alpha Centauri

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