Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 6: Charged Particle in a Uniform Magnetic Field

Day 6: Another cool experiment coming up. Out instructor (damn didn't write his name down!) should have received a prize for the brilliant explanation of the theory. It was outstanding
And here we have it, a set of Helmholtz coils, that will generate a uniform magnetic field to be able to watch the actual motions of electrons through this magnetic field. thats right actual electrons

Look closely
And....tadaaaa! There is your electron beam. Whats happening is that the electrons radiated from the heated metal resistor (thermionic emission) where accelerated into the plate and through into the glass sphere ( this happened because we applied a potential difference between the resistor and the plate, pushing the electrons in that direction. Once in the glass sphere, the electrons collide with the atoms inside the sphere, knocking some of their electrons into an excited state. When the excited electrons fall back into their stable orbits they emit visible light, giving away their position and revealing the path!

This is madness you ask? No this is UNISA!!

Observatory visit tomorrow witha 14" telescope!

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