Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 9: The Photoelectric effect

The best was certainly saved for last. The experiment procedure itself was pretty straight forward but Dr Lombardi answered all our questions about this and touched on quantum mechanics, we could have asked him questions for hours but he eventually had to bring us back to the topi, which related to proving the dual nature of light. This was done by showing experimentally and with the use of equations that one photon can give its energy to 1 electron to free itself ( thereafter being refered to a photoelectron hence the photoelectron effect) , that intensity has no effect at all on the energy given to the electrons, ie sending a more intense wave of light say if there isn't a high enough frequency will not do anything.

Being last day of experiment we were all quite relaxed, we've been writing reports every day for the last 7 days we had just about mastered it ( shouldn't say that having not yet seen the marks for this experiment!)

Thebang leaning in for a closer look

I took a stroll around the campus after the exam the next day (Friday). This was a really cool feature

It's really pretty

Being here for these 2 weeks has been a great experience. Connecting with all the passionate scientists here and working on practical experiments was just awesome and I've left with my passion for science intensified.

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